Date: 3rd November 2015 at 3:50pm
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Tonight at Portman Road Ipswich Town have another wonderful opportunity to bag all three points against a struggling Bolton Wanderers side, although we know, nothing comes easy anymore.

Mick McCarthy in his press conference had a go at stay-away cynics when he said, “The ones that don`t come to games and write nonsense on sites and call phone-ins, I`ve no interest in them at all.’ Sharp words indeed.

Well, all I can say is you must take some interest to know what they are all saying in the first place?

Fair enough Mick and you, just like everybody else, is entitled to their opinion and one thing that we all seem to share is that we all want the blues to succeed – even if we have different football philosophies about the best way of doing it.

What you seem to be forgetting is that many of these stay-away supporters, who show their apparent disgruntlement via phone-lines and the media do so because the blues are playing such drab football and it is not just the absentees who are saying this!

If you want the gate receipts to diminish yet further, then continue to play hoof ball and you will probably get your wish.

There is also a scant regard in these comments for supporters who simply cannot afford to go to all the games or live too far away.

I am based for example in the Netherlands and perhaps if I had the managers salary I could get to every game via private jet but living as I do in another European country, means it is a big ask financially and this is something that is often ignored by managers and players alike, who seem to live in a football cocoon.

I get to some games per season but nowhere near as many as I would like but the games I do not see live, I certainly get to see via Ipswich player which I have been a subscriber to for many years and obviously see all the live games that are featured on Sky.

I suppose over the years Town supporters have been spoilt on good football and certainly, having supported the blues for more than 45 years, I have seen the good days and the bad and this present phase falls, I guess, somewhere in between.

I am however prepared to wipe the slate clean and hope that tonight not only provides the blues long time suffering supporters a win but also a few goals in the process too!

In fact, I will go further and say put your money on Town tonight because that is what I have done and I think that at long last fans will be leaving Portman Road in good cheer this evening and I predict a 3-1 victory for the blues!

Frank Weston – Editor of Vital Ipswich


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