Date: 17th November 2014 at 1:50pm
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And in another interesting poll conducted by the local rag in Suffolk, the question on everyone’s mind is who was the worst ever Town player?

The East Anglian Times has come up with another fascinating poll which asks who was the worst player to ever don an Ipswich Shirt?

As this goes to print the leader is Finidi George who of course won the Champions League with Ajax of Amsterdam.

When he came to Town though he was already past his sell by date and although he could still run 100 meters in 11 seconds, sadly it was not with the ball!

I suppose this kind of survey is a bit cruel because surely no player intentionally goes out to play badly and having perused the extensive bad boy list on offer, I am just as interested in who is not included as who is!

There is no place in the list for example for David Linighan. He was the Hartlepool lad who plied his trade with the blues from 1988 to 1996, accruing a staggering 277 games in a Town shirt.

Now when it comes to under-performing week in week out that indeed is the definition of consistency it has to be said!

And as for the shortest reign playing for the blues then it is without doubt Mark Fish.

He played just 45 minutes during the Joe Royle era before he was taken off due to some diabolical defending at home to Q.P.R. which went a long way to determining the outcome, which was a sorry defeat. He was not match fit and it certainly showed.

So when it comes to fishy dishes, give me Sammon every time!

Other names that spring to mind include Ulrich Le Pen. The Frenchman soon became injured and never re-surfaced. He seemed far too frail anyway for the physical elements of English football and when he did turn out it became very apparent.

Another player who was way past his sell by date when Town got him was of course Ivan Campo.

It is difficult to imagine that he once played for Real Madrid! By the time Town got him he was 33 and above and on the rapid decline.

Prior to this at Bolton he was a revelation in the top flight of English football but sadly he was a pale shadow of his former self by the time he arrived at Portman Road.

So then, who is your all time worst? Tell us here at Vital Ipswich who made you cringe? And have we and The East Anglian Daily Times forgotten some one else perhaps?

Let’s face it after supporting the blues for 45 years I probably have too so help to remind me before football Alzheimer’s sets in!


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