Date: 22nd November 2016 at 5:07pm
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It is hard to describe it with losing one’s temper because that display last Saturday night against Forest was an absolute disgrace and woefully inadequate.

The Town players may not be on the same salaries as some of their Premier compatriots but a lot of them still earn more in a week than many of us earn in a year so they should all be thoroughly ashamed of themselves because that performance was totally unacceptable.

Right from the off we found ourselves going backwards and all that midweek training and those team talks obviously fell on deaf ears.

In football, the use of the brain is often underrated but if you look at the really gifted players in British football they all have one thing in common and that is they know when to pass and they know when to shoot and have that fire in their bellies and a desire to succeed and reach the very heights of their sport.

I always thought that for all his faults, manager Mick McCarthy at least had the wherewithal to get the best out of his players and yet if this is it, then we do have a talentless lot on our books!

And this is what makes it all the more frustrating because we know that there is some talent in the squad so why can’t our coaching staff bring it to the fore?

In the case of David McGoldrick, there are signs that he is slowly getting back to his best but although he has the guile, he still lacks the goals and Freddie Sears has been played out of position for so long that he seems to have forgotten where the net is!

It is unfortunate that we are without Brett Pitman who always seem to have a goal in him and the injury plagued Leon Best, who has not managed to get on the score sheet in his rare appearances in an Ipswich shirt so far.

Confidence is still a major concern at the club and this was obvious when we went a goal behind to Nottingham Forest. We seemed collectively incapable of restoring some pride that night.

Now, if this was a half term school report the marks would be very low grade. In the comments column you could also expect to read something like, ‘ Mind seems to be elsewhere and is not showing the aptitude or commitment to succeed at the highest level.’

Let us hope that in our second game in a week at Portman Road we see a Town side that has learned its lesson, once and for all!

Frank Weston – Editor of Vital Ipswich


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