Date: 25th April 2019 at 5:07pm
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If you are an overseas supporter, then I strongly recommend a subscription to Ipswich Town’s ifollow service with excellent commentary from Radio Suffolk! Living here in the Netherlands means I cannot get to as many matches as I would like but this way I don’t miss a single game! All matches are streamed live and this season has been better than ever because I get to hear the excellent commentaries of Brenner Woolley and Mick Mills – or sometimes Alex Mathie too and of course with iflollow, you get all the benefits of those exclusive interviews and match highlights.

Before I could watch the games live on my computer, I used to listen to Radio Suffolk because I have always enjoyed the very professional way in which Woolley and Mills coalesce, and of course, when Millsey is not around then there is always Alex Mathie, who adds lots of humour to his very incisive perceptions of what is happening on the pitch. The anchorman is Graeme Mac in the studio and the whole operation works like a well-oiled machine.

I firmly believe that for anyone who lives outside of the UK and can rarely get to the games that this is the perfect match, because you have live footage of all the Ipswich Town games both home and away and this is accompanied by some excellent commentaries provided by Radio Suffolk.

Greg from Australia left a comment the other day and said that reading my columns was a way of keeping in touch with all things Town because he is retired these days but still visits Portman Road to take in a game or two every two years. Fair dinkum Greg, but you should consider this possibility as well mate. It will cost a lot less than a flight to Blighty from down under that’s for sure!

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  • I understand it may on one level be great for you to access Radio Suffolk’s match commentaries when living abroad, but as for them being “excellent”, are you really sure about that? I don’t live abroad, but being unable to attend many games for one reason and another, and having heard Brenner Woolley’s waffle on a number of occasions now, to say I am less than impressed is an understatement (and I know I am not alone).

    Whilst he may be able to communicate the ‘possible’ drama of a match, to be quite frank, Frank, I think his content is often quite appalling for someone who is supposed to be covering ITFC for Radio Suffolk, concerning his continual ‘obsession’ with various opposition players (“oh I do like the look of him” and “he’s very easy on [my ] eye”) and his sometimes clear excitement when they score (at Blackburn away this season particularly) and disappointment when they don’t, sticks out an absolute mile – overall, at best he’s quite neutral in my opinion. Having heard commentaries on other local BBC stations (such as: Leeds, Derby Sheffield and Stoke, etc) when on holiday, it’s evident how fiercely loyal the guys on those stations are to the clubs they covering (although often quite fair, too), but of course, this is not really the case with BW concerning Ipswich – I’m amazed how he manages to keep a job at Radio Suffolk, as I’m certain he wouldn’t be tolerated in a similar position elsewhere with that type of coverage. At the very least, he should be reminded who he’s working for, and who the listeners generally are. And, not to forget, BW also repeats himself a lot , “IT HAS TO BE SAID…!” Obviously opinions will vary, but maybe,you’re not hearing some of the rubbish BW comes out with, I don’t know…

    Although Alex Mathie was a good player for Ipswich, I don’t think he really offers much insight, and all I tend to hear from him is, “yeah definitely”, in response to BW’s continual drivel. Concerning Mick Mills, I think he does a pretty good job and speaks sense most of the while, but ideally, he especially should rein in or challenge BW at times regarding his ridiculous and naive comments (and there have been SO MANY) – one thing’s for sure, if I was Mick Mills, I think I’d have grabbed the microphone off him by now in frustration!!

    I presume it was you who made that ‘half hearted’ joke a few years ago during the ‘after match phone in’, shortly after BW’s “great unwashed” comment came to light about people like yourself who ring in, and I seem to recall you ending the call by saying to Graeme Mac something like, “I must go, as I’m getting a bit sweaty and am in need of a shower!” – you were far too polite, and that may have gone over the heads of some listeners too, ha! If it was me, I think I’d have said, “finally, could I send my regards to the ‘GREAT WASHED UP’ commentator, BW?” (although I guess that would’ve been far too kind to him). According to his profile fon an old webpage from 10 years ago, it says he “dreams of working on Radio 1 and Crimewatch” – oh dear, things clearly didn’t work out, as he’s been stuck on Suffolk all these years, and needless to say, the latter no longer exists.

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