Date: 12th March 2015 at 6:29pm
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Whether it was because of the tactics employed by Jose Mourinho or simply because they are spoilt little brats but I could not quite fathom how a team fighting for the top prize at club level in Europe could perform so ineptly.

I am referring of course to the no-go Chelsea show last night at Stamford bridge and it helped to put football back into some sort of perspective.

Mick McCarthy may rely mainly on workhorses to grind out results but I would prefer this to watching over-paid and over-priced playboys thinking they are God’s gift but who play with such almost blatant naivety in front of a world audience!

Having watched Diego Costa posing in his black gloves and having witnessed too theatrics from both sides for two hours, it made me grateful for the championship and for all its naked endeavour.

We may not grace the football stage with too much credit but at least we know that all of Mick McCarthy’s teams are fully committed and dedicated to the cause.

As far as I can recall, I have only seen David McGoldrick and Kevin Bru dorn gloves before – apart of course from our goalie and to be honest if I was the gaffer, I would recommend against it!

It sends out a signal to the opposition in this league, it tells them you are weak – regardless of the skills you might possess!

Everyone knows that if you run around a few minutes the last thing you need is a pair of gloves. I don’t mind if our players want to parade in different coloured football boots to impress but please, leave the gloves at home guys!

Watching those Chelsea players pussy-footing around when they had to face up to the physicality of the Paris Saint Germain told me all I needed to know about the over-rated Premiership.

It may be the most sold product on the football market but the Champions League over the last few years has brought it down to size and once again all four Premier teams have all but gone!

When the blues take on the Boro this Saturday afternoon, we may not be in awe of the wonderful skills on display when the game is screened again live Sky Television.

One thing is certain though and that is whatever the result both teams will give it their very best shot.

There will be blood sweat and tears shed we can be sure and we can only hope that the man-management skills of Mick McCarthy will give us half a chance of pulling off a real surprise!

Frank Weston – Vital Ipswich


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