Date: 25th April 2020 at 6:10pm
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Now then, I am referring exclusively to BBC Radio Suffolk here and the football coverage of Ipswich Town is quite simply second to none. Living here in the Netherlands, it is a real Godsend to be able to tune in to match days and I’ll be brutally honest, of all the things that this dreaded Coronavirus has inflicted upon us, not being able to listen to Graeme Mac and the commentary crew, has been probably the most trying of all.

The radio show FINAL WHISTLE is a class act. It is such a smooth-running well-oiled machine from the moment the ‘on-air’ light goes on, to its conclusion many hours later. It is a thoroughly entertaining affair, and I miss it enormously.

The anchorman is Graeme McLoughlin who heralds from the same neck of the woods as me but his football allegiances lie in a much more natural place of residence. That said, I am convinced he has a soft spot for the Blues; having been at the helm for so many years.

In the commentary box is the irrepressible Brenner Woolley and I will be interested to see how he copes with games that might eventually be played behind closed doors. I mean how can he possibly sustain his octave range? When a goal is scored the only voices we are likely to hear is from the teams coaching staff so the BBC might be able to save on some microphones, as the noise level will hardly be deafening.

Woolley is normally accompanied by either, Mick Mills or Alex Mathie in the commentary box, and I do hope that if these games are streamed to all our supporters as promised, they will continue to use the excellent commentaries provided by Radio Suffolk.

When I first subscribed to ifollow there was no commentary, but I have to say that if they reverted back to that, one would always feel that there is something seriously missing. Woolley is a consummate professional, who is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and inspiring as he goes about his work to such great effect. He also has a sense of humour and this is shared thankfully by both Mills and Mathie!

And a special word too for the phone-in crew. They are always very polite and very approachable. So then, if you are a little bored when there is so little football to be had these days, then at least Radio Suffolk will keep you suitably informed about all things Ipswich Town.


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