Date: 10th December 2009 at 3:03pm
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Who is the greatest Ipswich player ever to play in the Premiership? What is the best Ipswich XI ever to play in the Premiership?

It’s a topic that has divided opinion for Ipswich fans everywhere and now there is a new website dedicated to finding out exactly who is the greatest Ipswich player and XI to ever have ever graced the English Premiership. has a unique ‘Play-Off’ system where two randomly selected players go head-to-head in a battle vote where you can decide which player you think is the best. Based on the statistics collected, it generates a table of the top 50 players and is presented along with the Greatest Ipswich XI ever. The beauty of this site is the more votes the players receive, the more accurate the results, so get voting! There are another 30 individual team sites and one huge site called which lets the fans decide who the best player and XI of all the players and teams to have ever played in the Prem since it exploded onto the scene back in 1992.

“Anybody who is a Ipswich fan will not be able to resist the pure addictiveness of these sites,” said James Terry, Co-Founder of the Greatest Player Ever Network. “The ability of this game to capture your imagination and draw you in is unbelievable. Seeing some of your past heroes pitted against some of the modern greats is fantastic and remembering some of the not so great players is brilliant entertainment, its pure football gold!”

The site will soon be launching a membership feature with the opportunity to win fantastic prizes from signed shirts to VIP football tickets.

At the time of writing this article the current all time Ipswich Premiership XI is Forrest, Wilnis, Wark, McGreal, Hreidarsson, Ambrose, Magilton, Holland, Stockwell, Mathie, Stewart


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