Date: 18th November 2020 at 7:39pm
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This pandemic has grabbed us all by the wotsits, but when we return to some kind of normality, and fans get back to Portman Road, what will our future hold? This is where you come in! I want to know where you think we might be in five years time? Could we get back into the elite league perhaps – or will we have fallen yet further into the football abyss, and end up playing semi-professional football? It is an intriguing and yet frightening thought, but worthy I think of contemplation.

For my part, I am perhaps more optimistic than I have been lately. It will take some time of course, but I think that five years down the line we should at least be back in the Championship and knocking on the door of promotion to the Premier League once more. Owner Marcus Evans five-point plan will have been finally realised but manager Paul Lambert will no longer be there to instigate it.

We are taking baby steps at the moment but as the season progresses, and the crowds return to their inner sanctum, we should see discernible improvement when it comes to playing attractive football. There are signs of improvement already, thanks mainly to a much more attack-minded strategy, but the football faithful can ignite the fire that lies inside and we might even get the odd penalty too!

I suggested recently on BBC  Radio Suffolk, that the Blues might finish outside the top six and even in a mid-table position this term, but much depends on our next three home games. What happens then, might well decide our season. Three wins and we would be flying! Three defeats and our season would effectively be over before it has begun. Three draws would be almost as disappointing. A mixture of all three outcomes would keep us guessing I suppose, and it is the most likely outcome.

So then, what do you think? Is it conceivable that under new management – or with Lambert still in charge, we could find ourselves back in the Premier League in five years time – or would that depend on a wealthy Arab oil sheikh taking over the club? Would Marcus Evans really have to sell so that we can realise our most distant dreams?

Your views matter as we strive to make Ipswich Town great again!


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  • I think the only way we can begin to rebuild is with a new owner. Marcus Evans is far too apathetic to run this football club and his five point plan is nothing more that a media promo, as he focuses his interest in tax-free off-shore investments. We need another Sheepshanks to buy this club. At least his heart was in it.

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