Date: 21st February 2021 at 3:01pm
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Yesterday’s goalless draw at Portman Road told us two things. 1.Our defence is a lot more sound with James Wilson in it. 2. We still cannot score. The performance was much improved against Oxford, but the result was the same. Northampton Town should have beaten us, but they struggle to score goals just like ourselves.  In fairness, we did create more goal-scoring chances against a side that still has promotion aspirations, and yet when the final whistle blew, we had not found the net again.

We could place Town in a critically ill condition at the moment. Our manager seems to be hanging on to his job by his fingernails, and our owner is absent without leave. The result yesterday did nothing to allay fears. In fact, it may have made things even worse! Draws these days count for very little because they are only worth a point. Two home games and two points are only marginally better than two defeats. Whether a crowd would have helped is debatable. Certainly, under the ‘new normal’, there are more away wins than ever before but would the Portman Road faithful have helped our cause? Given the mood here at the moment, it is very unlikely.

On the plus side, it was good to see James Wilson back in the side for the first time since October. He is right to suggest that the Blue Action protests last week were unhelpful, and burning an effigy of the manager outside the training ground, is totally unacceptable in my view. We all feel frustrated with life as a Town supporter these days, but there are more effective ways of airing our views. An open letter to the owner would be a better way of addressing our misgivings. That said, I am quite sure that Marcus Evans knows that his five-point plan has fallen onto stony ground.

I will leave the last few words to the excellent James Wilson. Speaking of the protests he said this. ” I think it’s completely unhelpful, to be honest. Obviously, the fans have got their opinion – that’s great – but I don’t think that’s the way to go about it. That was before the Northampton game when we had the youngest side we’ve had out all season. So, yeah, it’s not helpful.” 


2 Replies to “We Are Still In Intensive Care”

  • Performance better Frank but shows how low our club has sunk when we are accepting mediocrity and it’s not good enough for a club like Ipswich. The buck stops with Evans who really has to take a long hard look at how the club has declined under his control and to get advice from people who know how to run a football club . The so called five point plan is not working although the academy seems to be well run with Klug in charge.We need a new structure and plan to move the club forward including a new manager who can get the best out of this squad something Lambert has failed to do.Evans need to look at other clubs structures and Buisness models and adopt it for our club. For example Bournemouth Brentford and I hate to say it Norwich. This should include a director of football who can take on all responsibility for football matters leaving Evans to bankroll the club. My worry is who can give Evans the right football advice he needs .??

  • You express your feelings very lucidy Dean,and I agree with most of what you say. Trouble is, can we rely on owner Marcus Evans to listen to sound advice?

    How on earth did we end up with Simon Clegg as his Chief Executive in 2009 and when we consider the damage he alone did to destroy the fabric of Ipswich Town football club, it is a very big ask.

    I would have thought that having owned the club as long as he has, (almost 14 years) Evans might have learned something. Sadly, I am not convinced that he has.

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