Date: 10th June 2016 at 4:14pm
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In the most comprehensive survey compiled about Ipswich Town football club and their supporters, the lastest Those Were The Days study makes for fascinating reading.

When asked to give their opinion on how they would describe Radio Suffolk’s coverage of Ipswich Town, a staggering 76 percent said they thought it was either good or very good!

Now the website suggests that this is all down to Life’s A Pitch hosted on Saturday afternoon by Mark Murphy but I think it is more than that. In fact, very much more than that.

Final Whistle for example is a very well-oiled machine and Graeme Mac in the studio and commentator Brenner Wholley do a fantastic job and yet sadly, they do not always get the credit their performances, week in and week out so richly deserve.

I would go further and suggest that if Ipswich Town could perform half as well on the field as these two do reporting on the blues, then Ipswich would already be in the Premier League!

Having worked for both hospital and local radio myself in the past I know how difficult it is to stay calm in a live broadcasting environment, when it is often about saying the right thing at the right time; with all the restrictions that programming presents.

Life’s A Pitch may have more fun with The Beat and Tractor Boy and a host of well-known football celebrities coming into the studio every match day but when it comes to detailed analysis of Ipswich Town’s progression or otherwise, then this pair excel at it in my view.

I have heard some people complain about Mick Mills in his role of football analyst but I personally think this is unfair criticism.

He is both articulate and observant and he tries to explain all aspects of the Town performance and that of the opposition in a manner that is both in-depth and reasoned and his dry sense of humour simply adds to it in my opinion.

Radio Suffolk Sport should be proud of this result because there were almost two and a half thousand participants and only 12 percent thought that their sports coverage was average.

We will all remember fondly Barry Knights and his work in the commentary box at Portman Road but the new kids on the block are doing a grand job and long may this continue.

When you cannot get to a game, there is nothing better that to tune in to Match Day and then later Final Whistle, with a broad range of interviews and callers airing their views and of course they do justice to local football, it must be remembered too.

All it leaves me to say on the subject is keep up the great work dear Radio Suffolk because having listened to many local radio stations over the years, your presentation is light years ahead of most of the rest and for this the county of Suffolk should feel especially honoured in the knowledge that the Premier league of broadcasting sits right on your very doorstep!

Frank Weston – Editor of Vital Ipswich


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