Date: 8th June 2020 at 9:05pm
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It is looking increasingly likely that a decision on how to end the League One season will be finally made tomorrow. In Town’s case, however, it largely matters not. Several clubs have put forward amendments and alternative frameworks which will also be considered but the idea of further consultation with clubs regarding an alternative play-off format is not one that has been met with much enthusiasm.

The chairman of Peterborough Darragh MacAnthony has come out in support of the plan launched by the Blues owner Marcus Evans in advance of the EFL meeting that is due to take place tomorrow. ” Ipswich have put in an amendment which would see 10 teams fighting for three places. Well done to Marcus Evans, he’s fighting to put something across,” MacAnthony explained. The sad reality is that it will come to nothing. The EFL’s recommendation would see final places decided by an unweighted points-per-game method; with promotion and relegation and play-offs taking place.

Tranmere would prefer a margin of error applied to the points per game method, and Lincoln City want points deductions taken into account in the points-per-game calculations. It is all immensely confusing but I think that tomorrow we should know finally our fate.

After three months of football inactivity, I have reached the stage now where I could not care less. Whatever the EFL decide, it will not be favourable to Ipswich Town football club, and Evans plan was conceived far too late to change people’s minds.

My suggestion of declaring the whole campaign null and void holds little weight either. Only Southend Chairman Ron Martin is agreeable to that idea, and it seems certain that Rick Parry and his team will go for the unweighted points-per-game system and this would leave us even further adrift in the league table than we are already.


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