Date: 3rd March 2015 at 6:38pm
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Like perhaps most of you reading this I am still feeling the blues after our Sunday afternoon defeat at the hands of Norwich.

What we need now is to go on another run just like we did the last time we lost to them back in August. If we do something similar our season may end in joy after all and not bitter disappointment.

Manager Mick McCarthy is again talking of making changes but with at least five players still out with injury and a small squad to choose from, he does not have a lot of options.

Marcus Evans and Mick McCarthy have taken the praise for most of the season so now it is time they took the rap too when things go wrong.

What went wrong in my view was in January when Mick McCarthy said that there was no point in drafting in new players if they were no better than the ones he had.

Fair point perhaps if the ones he had were that good but no matter how hard Jay Tabb tries he is a very average player and Cole Skuse is a stopper and does not have a creative vein in his body.

Paul Anderson is a stop start sort of player who fleetingly looks good but only fleetingly. The rest of the time he goes absent without leave and those rare moments of magic are dulled by his very average performances most of the time.

Our manager likes their work ethic but sadly this alone won’t win us games and more recently we have reverted to Mick McCarthy’s favourite ploy when under the cosh which is hoof ball!

The second great mistake that our manager appears to have made is to seriously underestimate the inevitable injury crisis that afflicts all championship clubs throughout the course of a season.

Yes, we know that he has brought in the ageing Luke Varney and Richard Chaplow of late to quell the tide of supporter frustration but they are football journeymen and not the answer.

The one bright spot on what is becoming an increasingly dark horizon is the acquisition of Freddie Sears. He has been a revelation and exudes quality in everything he does. No surprise then that he costs us something but at 100,000 he is worth every penny and much much more!

Tomorrow we face Leeds United at Elland Road and if we are to bounce back from a hugely disappointing defeat then a win away is what we have to aim for.

I would suggest that he gives Dylan Connolly his debut because what we seem to lack most at the moment is a quality wide player with some genuine pace. Might he be the one?

We were very pedestrian against Norwich and our passing game was virtually non existent. We have to get back to playing some football and quickly because now even our play off place is in jeopardy which was unthinkable a few short weeks ago.

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