Date: 29th May 2020 at 12:44pm
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When will this never-ending saga conclude? The EFL is dithering almost as much as Premier Boris Johnson, and the cost to clubs is mind-boggling. In League One there are several sides that were struggling financially even before Covid-19 struck. Teams in League Two have already indicated they want the season to end but League One sides remain undecided.

This absurd impasse is having a huge impact on smaller clubs especially, and that is why Nigel Clough resigned from Burton Albion last week so that it enabled them to cut costs. Ipswich Town has a rich owner who spends his money sparingly, but even he must be wondering whether his ‘play-thing’ is worthy of further investment? What will be the true cost of this pandemic and procrastination on the part of the EFL? I see a lot of clubs going out of business.

The latest EFL statement was another pathetic attempt at pacifying all parties and delaying the inevitable. An extract from this submission reads: The Board has to date been consistent in its approach, that playing out the remainder of Season 2019/20 when it is safe to do so, is the preferred position and whilst the Championship have advised of their intentions to resume fixtures, League Two Clubs have indicated their preference to curtail the season. At present Clubs in League One are still undecided.

Still undecided! How long will it take for the EFL to be done with this protracted debate and finally make their minds up?  They are running the show and yet they cannot arrive at an amicable agreement that will satisfy all the clubs and in truth, they never will! Although I would like the season to be declared null and void, I don’t think this is going to happen and I no longer care less what they eventually decide, providing they make a decision!

And to add insult to injury the statement ends: The EFL Articles allow Member Clubs the opportunity to propose amendments to Regulations and should any Club wish to propose an alternative, it must do so by submitting such a proposal by no later than 2.00 pm on Tuesday 2 June 2020. The EFL will issue any notice of a meeting later that day. Any such Club proposals will be considered at the same meeting as the Board’s proposal.

The latest deadline is set for the 8th of June but it is anybody’s guess whether Rick Parry and his team will end this prolonged deadlock then – or will all this talking continue, until around August, when the new season is about to start?


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