Date: 5th June 2020 at 7:15pm
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We know the top two tiers are going to play again and the league below want the season to be declared null and void but what about us? When will we know our future? Well, on the official Ipswich Town website Media Manager Steve Pearce thinks that the destiny of the League One campaign will be decided next Tuesday the 9th of June. He does, however, add the proviso that this statement is not set on stone, placing in parenthesis the word hopefully!

This saga seems to have dragged on even longer than Brexit, and we are by no means certain a decision will be reached when the new proposals are put to the vote. Ipswich owner Marcus Evans has submitted his proposal to the EFL for a 10-team play-off tournament and struggling Tranmere have proposed points per game system, which includes a margin of error. Meanwhile, Lincoln City wants to tweak things further, and insist that the EFL must take into consideration any points deductions teams may have received. It is all very complicated and the final decision could define the very future of this league and the very survival of it.

If the EFL are not careful, fans will find other ways of occupying their spare time and it might not necessarily involve football! We are all in agreement that this great debate has gone on far too long, and as manager Paul Lambert said to Sky Sports News, we have gone beyond the point of caring how it’s done but for goodness sake make a decision and put us all out of our agony!

According to Steve Pearce what will happen the following week is this. The EFL clubs from the Championship, League One and League Two will be voting on whether to end their respective season now or to play on. We know that in the Championship they want to finish their season on the field like the Premier League, and of course League Two clubs have already stated their desire to throw in the towel and call the whole thing off. That leaves us in little old League One; where are suspended state of animation is of great frustration to both players and supporters alike.

The trouble is making a decision is far from easy as there are a lot of competing theories as to how this season should end. It is therefore impossible to come up with an outcome that will satisfy everyone. Clubs wanting to vote by proxy have until 9 am on Tuesday to do so and for some club representatives, there will be conference calls and everyone who has made a proposal will be able to defend their arguments before a vote is cast.


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