Date: 13th May 2014 at 1:26pm
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When you achieve something you deserve recognition don’t you? That’s exactly what Ipswich planned to do for Norwich ‘congratulating’ them on their premier league relegation.

Our rivals were meant to be viewing a banner as they took on Arsenal on Sunday, unfortunately high winds put paid to that idea and the fly by had to be abandoned.

Nik Taylor was the man behind the idea, which raised £750 through donations, he was quoted on the BBC as saying: ‘It was for Ipswich supporters to congratulate – I wouldn’t say revel in – their arch rival’s pending relegation.

‘It would have been along the lines of reminding them that, in comparison to Ipswich, they had very little history and no future and it would have been a little bit tongue-in-cheek.

‘It wouldn’t have been nice for them, but I’m sure, if the opportunity arose, they would have done the same thing.’

In all honesty the money is going to better use anyway with the money being donated to the Sir Bobby Robson Foundation now.

When donations were being put forward it was made clear that if this had to be postponed then this is where the money would go, sadly two that donated £100 each said they would only do so if the money was used for the banner, as such they are being refunded hence why the grand total was £750 and not £950.

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