Date: 23rd March 2017 at 4:24pm
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When asked if he was fortunate to be working under a rather placid owner in Marcus Evans, McCarthy was quick to defend himself.

‘It confirms to me that for four years I have done a really good job here and this year has been tough.’

In this respect he is right and certainly for the first two seasons few of us would have dared to criticise his judgement.

I personally never wanted him to be appointed in the first place but given the miraculous Houdini act of keeping the Blues up when we were rock bottom in November 2012, I came around to thinking he was probably the right man for the job.

I am also of the view that loyalty should be rewarded but for him to suggest that all that good will from four years ago should still take pride of place when we consider Town’s future is frankly quite absurd.

Yes,he undoubtedly saved us from relegation that season and in the next we made the playoffs – even though we were punching way above our weight at the time.

It is also true to suggest that he has done all this with a very limited budget and we cannot blame him for this of course but as I have indicated many times before, it is not the lack of points that is so disconcerting but the very manner in which we try to play!

He is obsessed with not losing matches and he will pull out all the stops to prevent this happening. His hugely defence orientated sides are not designed to play attractive attacking football but are only there to get a few points on the board at all costs.

The cost is reflected in the drop of season ticket sales year on year and this has much to do with the dross that is dished up almost every week both home and away these days.

As I have said before, as a human being I have absolutely nothing against the man. He is funny in a comic-tragic sort of way and his intentions are good if rather misplaced at times.

Wherever he has gone he has been largely liked by the public but if we really are intending to play a different style of football in the future and with it, get more bums on seats, then Mick cannot do it for us.

It is simply not in his D.N.A.

Frank Weston – Editor of Vital Ipswich


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