Date: 19th April 2018 at 5:08pm
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We all know that owner Marcus Evans is not a football man. When he appointed Nigel Clegg all those years ago, we knew he knew very little about football and arguably Nigel Clegg even less!

But that is water under the bridge now; along with the hiring and firing of Roy Keane and later Paul Jewell. At least Jewell loved the place but found the weight of expectation too great. Keane on the other hand, saw it as a stepping stone to future glory but realized in the end that he never really cared much for the colour blue.

I felt most sorry for Jim Magilton, who was not doing badly until Clegg came on the scene and it seemed as if they were on a different planet most of the time and I think they resented each other.

Mick McCarthy was someone who I never wanted as boss. I had always considered the teams he had managed to be nothing more than work horses, which lacked flair but he was a necessary evil at the time and undoubtedly saved us from the drop in his first season in charge.

When it comes to the management merry-go-round we have quite an enviable record in the modern game. Just fifteen full-time appointment in 82 years, averages out at about the length of time Mick McCarthy was at the helm and this is an astonishing stat!

I am hoping that in his ten years of owning Ipswich Town football club, Evans has actually learned something. He is surely not as green behind the ears as he was when he bought the club and although he may still confer with his football friends in the game, he can surely evaluate things a bit more clearly now.

In many ways, McCarthy was his perfect bed-fellow. After spending freely with Keane and Jewell, he tightened the purse strings and Mick was comfortable with it.

Furthermore, apart from wheeling and dealing McCarthy knew a bit about accountancy and the value for appreciation. Buying cheap and selling for a small fortune was the primary reason why Marcus was reluctant to let him go but falling gate receipts and disillusioned supporters off set these gains in the end.

So whoever does take on the job, I hope it is someone that unites supporters at long last because only then can we look forward to the future with renewed vigour and enthusiasm, and finally see some light at the end of the players tunnel.

Frank Weston – Editor of Vital Ipswich


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