Date: 8th April 2020 at 10:35am
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Are you stuck in the house with nothing to do? I guess you are not the only one, as this Coronavirus does not discriminate. All the more reason to join me here.

I have been writing my regular columns for this website for quite a few years now, and only occasionally has someone written to me and asked to help. I get this. People have lives to lead, and not everyone is inclined to contribute if writing is not their thing. But this COVID-19 pandemic has opened up opportunities when there were none before. We have much more time on our hands, and one thing we all have in common is our love affair with Ipswich Town football club and its proud history.

Ladies and Gentlemen, everyone is invited to join the club! Write when you wish about what you wish – provided of course that it is football related and connected in some way to the team we all support. It does not have to be a column either. It could be a poem, or a blog, or a short story. I would seriously consider anything to be honest because I have now stopped writing ‘editor’ at the end of my articles, as I am effectively only editing myself!  It can be a lonely pursuit but very rewarding nonetheless because I am writing about the club that I have been supporting for more than half a century and there is always something to say.

Anyone who kindly reads my columns regularly is an even more fitting candidate. I know who you are and your replies have convinced me that you could articulate your views with as much passion and commitment as me – or perhaps even more, and it would give Vital Ipswich another interesting dimension.

Think about it folks. You probably have all the time in the world at the moment so why not get involved? Tractor Boys and Tractor Girls here is your open window of expression. We all have views. We all have personal experiences. We all have a story to tell.


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