Date: 30th March 2019 at 6:40pm
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In his post-match interview today,  Ipswich manager Paul Lambert hinted that he might not be here next season and that this decision lies entirely at the door of owner Marcus Evans. He was quizzed by Radio Suffolk’s Brenner Woolley about next season and what supporters might expect but the Scotsman intimated that he might not be around to witness it.

And referring the supporters he said, ” They come in their numbers and I feel for them. As I said before I was at an ex-players dinner last night and I think the club is re-connecting and what support the club has got behind it.” Woolley than asked Lambert whether he could understand some fans resentment of his managerial skills given the scarcity of good results.  ” It’s no problem – if the club doesn’t want me to stay that’s not a problem – I go. That is not an issue.  I don’t have any issue whatsoever. The club is more important than me…it’s more important than any individual. The club will outlive everybody. So if the club wants me to go at the end of the season, I have no problem. None…But what I would say is that being here and being the manager of the club is an unbelievable club to manage, so whoever gets the job at the end of the season if I’m not here, you’ve got an incredible club…you got incredible support behind you… so there is no problem for me. ”

Reading between the lines of this interview, it rather seems that Lambert has already been forewarned and that there is no guarantee that he will be the Ipswich Town manager next season – although this was an agreement apparently set in stone between Lambert and Evans some months ago.

The abstract failure of the manager to win matches since he took on the post in the first third of the season, might be the straw that has finally broken the back of a potentially long term relationship between the owner and the manager, and of course the fluidity of promises made in the football world, only goes to highlight its vulnerability, and this inevitably impacts on both players and manager’s alike in the end.

Personally, I sincerely hope he stays but this interview suggests, in the very broadest terms, that he probably won’t. The manager ended this interview by saying, “Wait until the end of the season and we will see.” The way things are panning out, we may not have to wait as long as that.

F.W.            –           editor of Vital Ipswich


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