Date: 9th November 2014 at 7:42pm
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I am Loathe to use it as I am a superstitious person but as Town continue to improve is promotion a realistic possibility?

Don`t even think about it I hear some of you scream!

We are only 17 games into the news season so to even suggest such a thing is at best unrealistic and at worst tempting fate and on both counts you would have a point.

A pessimist would argue that the bubble is about to burst anytime and all that Ipswich Town have done so far is rode their luck and that every team has a purple patch sometime in this long hard fought season and it cannot continue.

A realist would probably say that we are not even close to half way through the league campaign so it is foolhardy to look too far ahead.

They have a good argument but having suffered so many indifferent seasons, is it such a bad thing to dream a little and hang on to some hope from time to time?

I probably fall into the category of the optimist just now because what I have seen of the Town of late is very encouraging and although the P might just mean play-off`s in this context, the pathway to the Promised Land is getting nearer year on year and in Mick we have come to trust!

Who would have thought that after 17 league games Town would be up there in fourth place and just a measly two points behind the current leaders Derby County!

When we drew at their place on the 30th of August, having previously lost at home to Norwich, our season was still looking decidedly bleak.

Mick McCarthy has worked wonders over his two year term in charge and although I have not agreed with all the decisions he has made, I do agree wholeheartedly that he has turned us into a difficult side to beat and a determined one!

He and Terry Connor have got the squad pulling in the same direction and each member knows that what you do day in day out on the training field is just as important as how you perform on the day.

Grit and determination is a good way of labeling this squad`s work ethic under these too and it is now started to pay dividends.

Mick McCarthy has both in abundance and it reflects in the way we play and with no shortage of skill in all departments too, who would deprive us of the chance to dream a little?

Editor Vital Ipswich – Frank Weston


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