Date: 26th October 2015 at 6:26pm
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In is blog CMC argues that it is not wise to press the panic button when things go wrong. Knee jerk reactions often come back to haunt you!

So what’s different about our team this season? It’s a better team on paper and other than that we are as we were so why aren’t we performing better to match that?

The natural reaction in our frustration is to find someone to blame – surely the management or the players! Then having decided who we are blaming we criticise them in the bars, forums and then just occasionally, when we get really fed up, on the pitch.

Hmm. Trouble is we’ve seen this so many times before at other clubs.

Look at how Newcastle sacked our very own Sir Bobby after a bad start. They’ve never recovered since.

I’m reading other fans suggesting we ditch Mick & Terry and take a gamble on a new young manager?

No doubt big team changes would follow as they seek to shape their squad and that means a few years building.

Hmm. Trouble is we’ve seen this so many times before here and elsewhere.

The missing ingredient is CONFIDENCE and getting rid of our players or our manager is not the best way forward.

They all want what we want so please let’s work with them and not start giving the opposition an extra man!!

Author – CMC


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