Date: 6th April 2016 at 7:49pm
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Tuesday night’s match against Charlton – a team in the relegation zone – was billed as a ‘must win’ game. Sadly, as with the previous home game against Rotherham -another team in the bottom 3 – we failed to win.

So what has gone wrong? Why is it that a team that couldn’t lose at home now cannot win?

The crowd willed the team on from start to finish but it was pretty awful stuff again and bore little resemblance to good football. As I sat watching I observed the crowd gradually losing interest in what was on the pitch and taking the opportunity to have a friendly chat to those around them. The ground sounded more like a Christmas market.

The passion was there and no more so than when Mick on the touchline started shouting and pointing and every so often throwing his water bottle down in frustration. He was seeing what we were seeing and it is just wasn’t something you’d pay to watch.

I understand that the aim is to get promoted but when Sport isn’t worth watching, then crowds stop watching the game and then soon after stop coming at all.

Earlier in the season I wrote that Ipswich’s performances were either Jekyll or Hyde. I’m afraid to say that Dr Jekyll has disappeared and all the games are now dreadful to watch.

I really hate saying this as I’ve supported Ipswich for so long but the team has really lost its way and has no shape.

The odd glimpses of football by the likes of Freddie Sears are greeted with big cheers from the crowd and our desperation for just one decent move of any kind is illustrated by the chanting to bring on David McGoldrick, who we know will not succumb to our current way of playing.

So passion from Mick and the players – yes sadly but very little skill on display at all and an assumption that every team is better than us so we need to cling on and try to snatch a goal.

This approach really hasn’t worked and is about to be our undoing in a big way I think.



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