Date: 16th February 2021 at 2:41pm
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Last week, before the Shrewsbury game, I had a premonition. That dream did not materialise as the game was postponed. But something was not right. The opposition in my dream was playing in maroon, and not the blue associated with the Shrews. This got me thinking. Is this why the game never took place? My premonition would have no longer made any sense!

As I crystal football gaze again, I  can see the picture so much clearer now, but the result remains the same. Ipswich will win 3-1, and Troy Parrott will break his duck with his debut goal at Portman Road! I have bet on these outcomes, so join me if you are brave enough – but remember, not all dreams come true – no matter how vivid this one seems.

These thoughts have been reoccurring for some days now, and last night they became a little more complicated, as I had what could only be described as a betting nightmare. I was about to bet on the Blues, but then my computer crashed. I had my mobile on but could not access my William Hill account, as I could not remember my password!  I ran upstairs, in the hope of using my son’s computer but discovered that he was out and the door was locked! Then my mobile beeped. Ipswich had scored! So this is why I am writing this. The future is yet to come!

I have already placed all my bets, so the betting nightmare has been averted – for now at least! I would not suggest that you put your mortgage on it, but if you feel like a flutter, don’t say I did not warn you! The Blues will play a strong team tonight, and I think Josh Harrop could replace Alan Judge. Our defence will have wing-backs Myles Kenlock and Luke Matheson returning, which means that captain Luke Chambers and Stephen Ward will be on bench-warming duties again.  Upfront,  James Norwood will be partnered by Troy Parrott, and I see both of them scoring.

It will be a strong bench at Portman Road tonight. Kayden Jackson has served his three-match ban and will be there; along with Teddy Bishop, Freddie Sears and probably Luke Thomas. As for those predictions, I could be a very happy chappie tonight if they truly happen! But don’t bet your house on them all coming true. I can handle a loss. Maybe you can’t?


9 Replies to “Ipswich Town 3 Northampton 1”

  • Mmm – here we go again, no first half goals but holding on for a 0-0 draw at home to bottom 4 Northampton.

  • A bloody awful performance and result. I wonder what excuses PL will dream up this time. We really are useless. We are cobblers not Northampton Town who deserved to win today.

  • Frank, more like a f’king nightmare.
    Keep taking the happy pills and praising our fantastic owner.
    A real beacon in these dark days.

  • Listen, Peter, we are all in this together mate. We ALL passionately support the Town – even if we have different ways of expressing it. I never wanted Lambert as our manager, and the same applies to Roy Keane and Mick McCarthy, but we made our bed so we have had to lie in it. Whatever you think of Evans, there is not a great line of potential buyers waiting in the wings.

  • Frank, when Evans took over we were in the upper reaches of the Championship, we are now in the lower reaches of League one. No wonder there’s no potential buyers But to be proud of him, as you stated in a previous statement was plain bizarre. Just because no one wants to buy the club, that’s no reason to ‘be proud’
    If you wrote that to have a ‘pop’ at the local press , then that was misguided.
    The Ipswich way is not to rock the boat, but we are at lowest point for (about) sixty years!!!!!!!!
    We need to rock the boat.
    However, Blue Actions, action was shameful

    • Thanks, Peter. I get your point and understand completely where you are coming from. I have not always been nice to Marcus Evans by the way, and if you look at some of my past posts you will see that I have been very critical of him too before. I just felt that when Lambert clearly needed a new wing-back and a new striker Evans obliged, and I believe we should give credit where credit is due. He is clueless about football in general and has been from day one. On that, we are inclined to agree.

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