Date: 3rd March 2016 at 3:54pm
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I manage an article almost every day but I do not expect you to too!

My love affair with Ipswich Town football club goes back a very long way and I dare not think of how many brain cells I have used over the last fifty years supporting the blues?

All those memorable occasions, all those players names and all those bitterly disappointing afternoons. My thought processes are never far away from Ipswich and I am still as totally committed as ever about writing about all things Town.

That said, it is nice when I get a bit of help from time to time and this is why I am indeed indebted to CMC and Daryl for contributing and I only hope that in this little column I can persuade you to as well.

We are a broad church of opinions here and this I guess goes for most football clubs. Some loath manager Mick McCarthy and others love him. I fall somewhere in between.

Why not tell us about what you think about the current thinking at Town and is Marcus Evans our saviour or someone who is more pre-occupied with his overseas investments than football and the club that he actually owns?

What of the players in our squad? Who would make the grade if we ever reached the promised land? At best I could pick about six but you of course might have other ideas?

There are so many interesting talking points and following the Tractor Boys is a bit like talking about the weather because it is constantly in flux. There often seems to be more deep depressions than sunny intervals but like life itself, football moves on.

How long have you supported the blues and what was the first game you took in at Portman Road? Was it a memorable affair or a complete disaster? Why not write a blog about it!

I am interested to read all your comments on Ipswich Town, whether it is in the form of a poem or a blog or a news article. All contributions will be greatly received wherever you reside and regardless of your sex – or indeed your age.

Now that should cover just about everyone so there is only one more thing you need to do and that is get writing!

An Ode To Town.

Ipswich Town is in our blood,
Whatever we might say.
Win or lose – or even draw,
It never goes away.

I have seen so many rainy days,
And endless deep depressions,
But when the sun begins to shine,
It heightens these obsessions.

Ipswich Town is football
But its more than simply this,
It’s a community of kindred souls,
From Felixstowe to Diss.

In Norway we are popular,
And in Germany as well,
In fact we have global appeal,
That can make those home gates swell!

We may not be a king sized club,
But our support base is so strong,
And that is why I am asking you,
To come and tag along!

You can write about our history,
From Alf Ramsey to Sir Bobby,
Or send me just a simple blog,
And make it a new hobby!

So here is my appeal to you,
Get writing all things blue,
You may find you have some talents,
That have long been out of view?

For Vital Ipswich needs you,
And me especially!
I cannot do it on my own,
So please join our family!

Frank Weston – editor of Vital Ipswich


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