Date: 15th December 2016 at 7:00pm
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Now if a court of football fairness was to decide on the fate of manager Mick McCarthy instead of football supporters and the board, then how do you think he would fair?

Imagine the scene as Mick McCarthy enters the dock.

Prosecuting Counsel: ‘You started life with Ipswich very well didn’t you Mr.McCarthy?’

MM: ‘Yes, I did actually and from being a club that was destined to go down, I hauled them up by their britches and we staved off relegation against all the odds. I am proud of that to be honest.’

P.C.: ‘ And then what happened?’

MM: ‘Well, we went from strength to strength over a couple of seasons and with very limited financial clout, I got them to the play-off’s and a chance of promotion to the Premier League.’

P.C.: ‘ Good start then Mr.McCarthy but what happened next?’

MM: ‘ We made rapid progress but perhaps we were running before we could walk and the next season we lost out in the play-off’s to a very strong Norwich side and lady luck deserted us.’

P.C.: ‘ And the next season… what happened then?’

MM: ‘Well we did not do too badly and finished just below the play-off places but injuries to key players did not help us last time.’

P.C.: ‘ Where are you in the table at the halfway point of this season?’

MM: ‘Just above the relegation zone as things stand but with a couple of wins under our belts we will be flying up the table again because this league is so unbelievably competitive.’

P.C.: ‘ But surely if we were to graph your progress over the last four seasons, we would see a big decline in terms of success, as you have gone from promotion candidates to relegation fodder. Is that not right Mr. McCarthy?’

MM : People have short memories. I dragged this club up by its bootlaces and saved them from certain relegation. I am proud of my achievements so far and with next to no money to spend.’

P.C. ‘ But you have made mistakes…you would admit to that?’

MM : ‘Of course I would. Everybody is human but I will tell you this, I have made many more good decisions than bad ones and that is the reason we are still in this division!’

P.C. : ‘Fifteen years of limbo for the fans then Mr.McCarthy and now you are courting relegation once more aren’t you and you have gone back to the future, as it were.’

MM. : Excuse my language but that is utter bull and you sound like one of those numbskull supporters who only see the Christmas present and not the Christmas past. Short memories with small brains.’

P.C. :’You seem to have scant regard for the paying public Mr.McCarthy which begs the question, how much do you earn?’

MM : ‘That is none of your bloody business and if you must know, the fans should be grateful for what I have done for this club and not perpetually moan about anything and everything.’

P.C. : ‘ So you are suggesting there are mitigating circumstances for the demise of Ipswich Town football club and none of it is your fault?’

Mm : ‘ I am saying that my record speaks for itself and the people that moan generally know nothing about football and often do not even go to watch us play.’

PC : ‘ But Mr.McCarthy you have persistently played players out of position and left out bright young talent to ensure that your journeymen get a place in your team – even though the results have been appalling and you are still of the misguided opinion that you know best and supporters should adore the very earth you walk on.’

MM : ‘ The last part of your statement was spot on but the rest was manufactured by the press.’

The court was adjourned and Judge Evans came back and said there was insufficient evidence to fire the manager at this moment in time.

Frank Weston


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