Date: 20th March 2016 at 12:31am
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CMC explains why the natives are getting restless at Portman Road…

Promotion-chasing Ipswich Town against relegation-threatened Rotherham United should have been an easy win on paper at least.

But that is not what happened.
Free-flowing passing? – No. Waves of attacks? – No. Passion – No. (except perhaps Luke Chambers on the pitch and a livid Mick on the touchline).

This was yet another terrible game in which Ipswich did not play football but again tried this new approach in which you try to see time out by heading the ball as high as you can in the air, hoof the ball as far as you can up the field and as in rugby, pass backwards repetitively.

It was very unattractive to watch and very ineffective at the same time.

What puzzles me is why almost the same set of players as last year are not trying to play football as they did last season?

We aren’t doing as well this time around so surely it’s clear that this primitive hacking style and aimless high heading strategy isn’t as good as playing proper football.

So today we tried to grind out a narrow win against one of the weakest teams in the division. But why? Why do we not believe we can’t deservedly win a game on merit by playing football? This lack of belief is a serious problem. Or is it just bad tactics?

Mick was understandably upset today after the boos at the end of each half but he also took the blame for the manner of the game.

I like his honesty and respect his experience and am sure his hands have been tied financially since he took over but the question is why?

Some fans want Mick to go now but I don’t agree with that approach. Mick really cares and you couldn’t miss his absolute passion today!

Look at what happened to Newcastle after they sacked Sir Bobby after three top 6 finishes in the Premiership. They still haven’t matched what he achieved!

We must be careful what we wish for as Mick really is one of the best managers and he has said he is reflecting on things and planning to make changes.

We should get behind him and the team right to the finish line because in this league you just never really know?



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