Date: 30th December 2019 at 4:38pm
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Owner Marcus Evans is absolutely right about the feel-good effect that manager Paul Lambert has brought to the club but can it last? The honeymoon is clearly over, with some supporters becoming more and more disenfranchised with the rotation system employed by Lambert and some decidedly adverse results. This is only natural of course but I believe we must ride this storm and move on – but not with someone else at the helm.

Lambert explained why he was so encouraged by what the owner had to say to him. ” The biggest compliment Marcus gave me the other night on the phone was ‘OK the results haven’t gone our way, but we’re still in a good place’ and that I’d given the club its heart back. That was the biggest compliment I’ve had in many a year,” he said. Evans is right. This is all down to Paul Lambert, and it is good to know that the owner recognises this.

And we must not forget what went before in the dark days of Mick McCarthy. Rapidly diminishing crowds. A massive disconnect between the fans and the manager. Thoroughly miserable football. We have come on leaps and bounds since then but Rome was not built in a day, and we will have to show a bit of patience when a wheel comes off the stagecoach from time to time.

In fairness to most of the Town faithful, patience has been in large supply and Lambert’s attitude towards the club and its supporters is one of the main reasons why. From day one he embraced this club and understands supporters frustrations because it is the supporters who pay his wages and the players too and have a right to air their view! And former players such as Terry Butcher, John Wark, Russell Osman, George Burley and Mick Mills are regular visitors to Playford Road these days which is an important link to our proud past.

The defeat to Lincoln yesterday was hugely disappointing but we did find the net three times and had it not been for some very poor decision making from keeper Will Norris when we were on top, we might just have gone on to win this game. Wycombe on Wednesday may well just define our season. A win there, against the current leaders who are struggling for form, might just give us the impetus to be upwardly-mobile once again.

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  • I agree with much of what you say and thank you for your insightful articles – as ever. I, like you am a long standing Town supporter and we have lived through much frustration over the past 30 years and it makes us realise (in hindsight) what great years we had in the 70s and early 80s. It is uncomfortable to be in Divison 1 (Division 3 in my mind) but I really don’t think we can compare, as many do, to what happened 30 years ago. Our current players are very fit athletes and although it is not possible to say without doubt I reckon the current players with their fitness and sport science support would beat our great team of the 80s (who , probably, stumbled from game to game with injuries which were not even recognised then) . Like many things in life we cannot impose today’s standards retrospectively – it is just not possible. I think Paul Lambert is doing an excellent job and needs our – and his boss’ – continuing support. All of us Town supporters should really be behind the team and not look at the team in such a short term period – it is great to see so many youth players breaking into the first team – a bit like the ‘old days’ – and they are really good players as well. We seem to judge the players ‘ ability over 24 hours as opposed to 2 years and we must be patient. I reckon we will get promoted this season – I could be very wrong – but Paul Lambert has always said the club is more important than him and I admire his honesty and openness in saying so.
    I, nervously, look forward to embracing promotion in 2020.

    • Dear Charles, may I start by wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year; albeit rather belatedly. Thanks for your detailed response and we seem to have many things in common – not least our patience. Having supported the Town for fifty years and more, I have seen the dark clouds descend on Portman Road on many occasions but when it shines, which occasionally it does, then it is well worth the wait and I firmly believe that if we can stay faithful to Paul, as Marcus has so nobly done, then we will reap the benefits in the long term.

  • Lambert has not done anything to improve the quality of the performances on the pitch since the day he arrived.

    Even a master of PR like PL will eventually be seen through by even the most loyal of fans.

    The sooner he goes the sooner we can start improving the performances.

    • I completely disagree with you SuffolkGal. You don’t need to have a long memory to remember the dismal days of Mick McCarthy who was more in love with himself than the club. Paul Lambert embraced Town’s history from day one and was quick to recognise the wonderful achievements of players of old and who brought them back in from the cold. The football has not always been scintillating I grant you but we have tried to play with a greater emphasis on attack and during the course of a football season there will always be highs and lows. Keep the faith girl and you will be rewarded in the end – mark my words!

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