Date: 20th February 2019 at 4:00pm
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Town’s last two matches at Portman Road have produced arguably some of the best football we have produced all season, and the two pictured above were missing. Coincidence? Well perhaps, but equally, there is a feeling these days around the ground that without our two familiar stalwarts, we become a better side.

Now, of course, we cannot deny their commitment to the cause and in the case of Captain not-so-fantastic Luke Chambers, even his victory fist-pump is a thing of the past – mainly I guess because we hardly ever win at home these days!

Cole Skuse is the definition of Mr Reliable in midfield too but he is a holding midfielder, who hardly ever ventures forward with intent, and when he does and is in a position to shoot, he rarely looks like he going to score. In fact, his goals per games ratio is quite frankly appalling. In 225 appearances he has scored just twice and once upon a time Chambers used to score too but that too seems a thing of the past.

So the question people are starting to ask is whether these two are surplus to requirements and whether Ipswich Town plays better without them? Certainly, in their absence, we have seen a big improvement on the field and although we are still not winning, we are getting an awful lot closer!

Luke Chambers may not be here next season. Then again, in Division One, he might just have enough in his locker to continue and Skuse is a year younger so you could say he has youth on his side! Yet at 32 and 33 respectively, their days are probably numbered, and I think we will see them less and less as Lambert looks towards regeneration, as he moulds a team into his own image and liking.

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4 Replies to “Are These Two Surplus To Requirements?”

  • Just what we need !!! As soon as the team shows some signs of progress, out comes a negative article like this questioning two of the teams hardest working players.
    Try some constructive comments and articles rather than pointless negativity.

  • You miss the point JM. It is precisely because Town are doing so well that I begin to question the usefulness of these two players and not in spite of them. Things move on and so do players, and if you had taken a bit more care in reading my article you would have quickly realised that I was singing their praises generally, and simply stating that all good things must come to an end.

    • Frank you are right in one case, Chambers days are numbered, he gets beaten far too easily now, and he wont find it any easier in Div 1 ether, Scuse will adapt as he has a more midfield clearing up roll, and allows the Young guns like Bishop, Downes, etc to do all the grafting work, can we do without them, last 2 games have settled that point against WBA & Brizzle City, if I was PL I wouldn’t change the squad for the home game with Forest, we have nothing to lose and more game time for the youngsters, I would keep Kenlock in at LB and Knudsen can sit out the last few games, and find another club next season, there’s big changes coming to Ipswich, we are going to see younger players emerge to stake a claim for the future of our club, so negativity is not on the cards JM, only what I see as a very bright future.

  • Well, Ash, they have both signed extended contracts so I guess this means that Paul Lambert is satisfied with their attitude and commitment and in fairness, they have played a big part of Ipswich town for some time.

    I think next season we will see them used a little less and this is already apparent and Chambers often gets the nod as much for his motivational ability as his footballing skills – which even as a centre back are very limited.

    Like you and JM, I am positive about the future of this club because Lambert has made so many good decisions already and has got the fans on board. The young kids are coming good, and the old heads will I feel play some part in bringing the Blues back to the future!

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