Date: 21st January 2016 at 4:02pm
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Once again may I stress how disappointed I am for all those die-hard supporters, who battled against the elements to get to Fratton Park on Tuesday, only watch the blues reserves in action – or as it turned out, otherwise.

You cannot have it both ways Mick. You say you are satisfied with your squad but you are perhaps the only one who is because quite frankly, they are way below par and it has now been proved twice to you, both at home and away in the FA Cup!

I am afraid your argument that “Like I said, none of them have really given me any great headaches in terms of picking them, I know who the best players are,” is nothing more than a pre-meditated defence of the indefensible.

By nature you try to be honest but you are also very coy at times and then you go and contradict yourself by suggesting that there is no need to look into the transfer window because you have a decent squad as it is and there is no need to strengthen it!

At the least we must view this as a contradiction and at worst an appalling porky pie but remember, honest Mick does not tell lies.

There are many things I admire about you. I admire your humour and your will to win and your craftiness but sometimes I think you do not take kindly to criticism and your stubbornness is both your strength and unfortunately too, your weakness.

Over three seasons you have taken the Tractor Boys a long way and there is little doubt that the players admire and respect you. As a player you also excelled and it is a rare thing for a successful ex-player to be so successful as a manager too so you must be doing something right!

I am also aware that you have had to work on a shoestring of a budget and I often wonder whether this is because Marcus Evans does not like putting his hand in his pocket anymore or because you are so bloody-minded and like to do things the hard way?

You are also often scathing about stay-away supporters who dare to make criticism but we all pay our way – whether it is through subscribing to the website, buying Town merchandise, or travelling from other lands to take in football matches.

The support we get from Fortuna Dusseldorf supporters is fantastic but let’s face it, they will never become season ticket holders!

So then, I do hope your honesty is matched in future with some realism too because if you really think supporters are so stupid that they cannot see through the contradictions then you are very sadly mistaken my man.

I see that all our walking wounded have returned to full fitness just in time for our visit to the midlands. Nice.

I only hope that giving up on the oldest domestic trophy in the world is worth our while though because if we were to lose to Birmingham on Saturday there would be simply no excuse!

Frank Weston – editor of Vital Ipswich


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