Date: 10th August 2018 at 5:10pm
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When he finally agreed to be interviewed, I was encouraged, and his five-point plan made sense but after yesterday’s transfer debacle, the jury is out again on whether Marcus Evans is the real deal? I mean does he never learn a lesson? When top scorer Daryl Murphy left us to join another club, we suddenly found ourselves without a replacement and consequently any chance of making the play-off’s that season was blown out of the water.

Then yesterday, it was painfully obvious what was happening when the deal to get prolific goalscorer Josh Windass from Rangers began to stall, and although for a long time we were left in the dark as to the reason why, I think most of us suspected that owner Marcus Evans was insisting that this transfer could not be executed until he saw more money on his Ipswich Town bank account, with the sale of another player. Call it deja vu if you wish but I would prefer to call it pathetic.

That other player was, of course, Joe Garner and where we boxed dumb the Latics boxed clever and not only snatched Windass from under our noses but once they had him on board, went for Garner too – knowing full well that Evans would bow to pressure and sell if the price was right. This fiasco was the definition of a fool who returns to his folly; believing he is smarter than the rest when everyone can see the dumbness of his deliberations. Wigan must have been laughing their little socks off, knowing they had deprived Town of one striker and removed another one. It was sheer genius on their part but they know how Evans works.

Now I know Marcus Evans is a successful businessman and because of this and not in spite of it, I cannot understand why he always has to play the impoverished card. Even his sons have advised him to spend more on the club but he is of the view that the ‘cheapy charlie’ approach is much more rewarding. Well, it may be in business when you can easily exploit the workforce but this is football and it is an entirely different ball game!

So, although I was relatively pleased with the new recruits that manager Paul Hurst has taken on board, I could not help feeling that those failed last day transfer negotiations had left a bitter taste in my mouth and were completely avoidable.

Now the Town manager will have to look to the loan market to acquire the services of another centre-half and another striker, which if you recall, were the primary targets in the transfer window anyway!

At least tomorrow we are likely to witness a few new faces at the New York Stadium and Paul Warne will be doing his utmost to make amends for that thrashing at Brentford last Saturday and the bad news, if you follow omens, is that Rotherham have lost just one of their last five Championship matches against the Blues.

But statistics are there to be broken and although the Millers could be unchanged tomorrow, Town look likely to include in their line-up new signings Jon Nolan, striker Kayden Jackson and defender Toto Nsiala with other newcomers on bench-warming duties.

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